Week Two Notes

Week two slides are here

You can make the internet WITH CSS now!
You can make the internet WITH CSS now!

Notes and Protips

CSS cheat sheets

A useful cheat sheet of CSS attributes:

Here’s another good one.


This is the site that allows you to see changes immediately without constantly saving.

Here’s an example from another J309 teacher.

CodeAcademy also has a good tutorial if you want to go deeper into HTML and CSS.

Class vs. ID for <div> tags

In short, id can be used once. Class can be used multiple times.

Assignments for this week

Assignment: Site critique

Find a multimedia package and review it using Jing, Quicktime or Screenomatic. No one can do the same… so pick one, put it in the comments and review!


NOTE: Be specific in your review. What tier is it? Why? What works? What doesn’t? What’s confusing? What would you change? What makes you click? How’s the writing?

Extra Credit: Try some CSS on your bio page

Set up a file structure like the primer I gave you. Create a css file and then make some changes, then save everything.

Upload the folder to your FTP, like we did in class, and then send me the URL. You can either post it on WordPress or email it to me.

Deadline: Thursday, Sept. 8 by Noon

Week One Notes

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

These are Week One’s slides.

Notes from me:

  • Make sure you’re looking at your filenames right when using them.
    • Upper case, lower case, that matters. HTML can be case-sensitive
    • DO NOT use spaces in file names.
    • I do lowercase, all one word like thisphotonow.jpg
  • SAVE. Save. save.

This week’s assignments:

Make a web site (Due next Thurs., noon)

Write and create a 500-800 word bio about yourself and put it on a web page.

Include why you want to be a journalist.

No cheating, write your own code!

Fill out the skills survey (Due next Thurs, noon)

Download this: bit.ly/ascj-skills-survey

Rename the file with your name.

Turn it in with your web page.

Subject: J309 Week 1 homework

Complete this HTML tutorial

Complete this: bit.ly/w3html

You have two weeks to complete the assignment.