Final Project Proposal-Victoria Berggren

  1. The plight of the Charter School:

Several charter schools in LAUSD are in danger of being closed down. LAUSD has already heavily considered discontinuing two charter schools in Magnolia. Are charter schools in Leimert Park nervous? In Leimert Park alone there are 3 charter schools. What is Leimert Park’s perspective surrounding the plight of the charter school? I want to interview students from a charter school and from a public school in the area and compare their experiences. I think it would also be important to talk to parents and teachers about their opinion. I also want to talk to the Superintendent or the board of education and see what their perspective is on the issue. For my interactive pieces, I would use an audio slide show for both student profiles, a map, and timeline of what schools are being closed and where.


  1. Leimert Park and Standardized Testing
    1. Although standardized testing is supposed to create an even playing field for all students, does the ACT and SAT actually create a greater disadvantage for lower-income students?
    2. SAT prep classes and tutoring can cost upwards of 1,000 dollars.
    3. For students who can’t afford these classes, is it possible to score well on the test?
    4. How do teachers and students combat this issue within Leimert Park schools?
    5. Is there a better way to evaluate a student’s intellect without socio-economic influence?
    6. I would talk to students, teachers, and parents within Leimert park schools and compare their experiences with the SAT to students from higher income schools like Beverly hills .
    7. I would use an audio slide show to compare the two students experiences with the SAT. I would also use a map to see if there was a correlation between low-income schools and lower test scores and higher income schools and higher test scores.
  2. Special Needs Education within Leimert Park
    1. What kinds of special needs programs are offered within the schools in Leimert Park?
    2. There are not any special needs schools in Leimert Park. There are a few in Crenshaw but the city seems to be lacking an educational system geared towards students with special needs



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