Sean Myers Final Pitch

Buying and Selling in Leimert

I want to weave together profiles of residents who are buying and selling property in Leimert. I want to juxtapose reasons for leaving with reasons for coming to the neighborhood. I’d also like to gauge how residents who are leaving would characterize the neighborhood and their time there, and compare it to what new residents hope to get. I also want to get the perspective of a real estate agent who knows Leimert Park well and can characterize changes. I would like to integrate real estate data and also provide historical information about the construction of Leimert Park and how it was originally marketed as a covenant-protected neighborhood. The goal of the piece will be to show how Leimert is changing through the eyes of those who inhabit it and also get a sense of how people hope to see it evolve.

Sean Myers- Tip Sheet for Banjo

What is Banjo?

Banjo is a simple and intuitive web application that allows users to aggregate content from several social media platforms using a map interface. For example, if there is a Black Lives Matter rally happening in San Antonio, Texas, Banjo will detect activity in that area and begin collecting posts from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that pertain to the rally.


Step 1: Accessing the Service

The most difficult part of using Banjo is gaining access to the service. If you simply go to, you’ll be directed to sign up for access. You’ll then receive an email that says that because the service is so popular, you are on a waitlist. Some of our peers already have accounts on Banjo, so at this point your best bet is to find a friend who has an account and borrow it.

Step 2: Finding Content or a Specific Event

The magic of Banjo is its ability to organize posts from several social media platforms in real time. Just like Facebook and Twitter, news pegs are organized into a list where the user is able to see breaking news and trends. By clicking the News tab at the top left of the page, the user is able to see this list.


Users are also able to search a specific location by using the search bar.

Step 3: Viewing Content

After clicking on an event, the user will be taken to the map view, where content will appear on a given section of the map. If there are several people posting to social media about the event, there will be more than one stack of content that the user can access.


The left side of the site allows the user to scroll through posts. In this example, the first post, by Instagram user @bexxv, is a video. When the user clicks on this post, the window expands.


Step 4: Trends

There is another section on Banjo called Trends, which links to international news and Facebook trending topics. By clicking on a specific story, the user will be directed to social media posts about that topic.


Sean Myers: Eddie Stokes Audio Profile

Eddie Stokes is a freelance artist with a captivating voice. After moving from Detroit in 1988, Stokes settled in Leimert Park and began a career in fine art. He’s a self-taught sculptor with a degree in graphic illustration from Eastern Michigan University. Recently he’s been carving wood bracelets to sell on Sundays at Leimert Park Plaza. He sees artists as part of a large community that spans the history of mankind.