Tools and Tip Sheet for Piktochart

Tools and Tips Sheet for Piktochart

By Hannah Wing (JOUR 309)

  • Sign up for an account, you can either make your own login or I used the Facebook log in because it is the easiest


  • Click create a new Piktochart
  • There will be options like infographics, presentation, poster, and report


  • By clicking the text box, you can start adding in text into your infographic
  • In the side column where it says shapes and lines, you can add in a variety of basic shapes and even a dotted line
  • Then, in the icons tab on the left you can search for certain graphics and drag them onto the page wherever you want them
  • Keep in mind that you can use the square tabs on the end of each text box and icon square to adjust the size, super easy to move things around


  • Next, go to the photos tab on the left and you can search for photo categories

for this I searched the social media box and added in the Piktochart logo

  • Select photo frames, drag in your own pictures and add in your own text


  • You can select the background tab on the left, choose a color at the top left with the paint can and then select and drag onto the page the pattern you would like for your background
  • Under text you can add in some SWEET text frames


  • In the tools category under the text tab on the left side, you can add in charts, maps, and videos
  • I decided to add in a map of the United States and make California red
  • I also made it have a yellow border through the whole map by clicking the border color tab in the top right
  • There’s an option to click on every state and you can make it a color (but I decided to do just California as an example)
  • Then you click insert map, and drag the map onto the page and you can also resize it too


  • When you’re all done creating your masterpiece, you click download at the top right corner. You can download it as a PNG or JPEG (I chose JPEG)
  • From there, it will be in your downloads folder you can download it as a PDF, or onto your desktop, and from there get it onto any platform that you need it to be on


I know mine looks pretty jumbled and random but I just wanted to show examples of all of the different things you can do with Piktochart. This is extremely beneficial for journalism because you can add in graphics, text, maps, charts, videos, and basically anything else you need to enhance what would have been just a blank white background with some words on it! It’s super easy to use! Are there any questions?

Extra Credit Assignment: Google a classmate (Caleigh Wells)

Caleigh Wells Google Search

For this assignment, I have selected my classmate and close friend Caleigh Wells to research. I had previously known that she has had careers in singing, dancing, and modeling. Much of her journalism work from USC has also been put onto the internet so I will also be researching that.

First off, when I google her first and last name her Facebook search engine pops up and she is the first profile that I see, most likely because I am friends with her. Then another profile below is her internet doppleganger with the same spellings for her first and last name.

Next, I found the links to her Instagram and Twitter profiles. Her Instagram profile is public with a link to her art account @art.crw. After clicking on this link, I found about 16 shots of her artwork. I had seen her doodle in class before, but I had no idea that her art was of this magnitude! She incorporates drawings of things that remind me of France with words in both French and English, sketches of people, and tends to use darker colors. So much talent! I had never discovered this profile that she has. I logged out of my Instagram account online so I could access her profile like anyone would be able to! It was so interesting learning about her art account and I can’t wait to ask her more about it!

Here is a link to one of her singing videos that I also came across:

This girl does it all!