Pitch – Eduardo

I am interested in covering a food truck owner who I saw at the African Sunday Fair two of the times I visited Leimert Park. I want to know if he’s a regular at the fair, or just happens to be working in the area. If he doesn’t have a connection I would move on. However, if he does, I want to know how long he’s been involved in the fair and if his food is a reflection of this community, an African community, or a mixture of both. I think that the potential to have a good personal story is big here. Food is often a good community identifier and the African fair is a nice small community inside the larger Leimert community, so I think that makes its easier to encompass how that community bonds through food.

If that doesn’t work, my next plan is to go back to Tak’s Cafe. I went to Tak for our first assignment and was very fascinated by it. I think I can go much deeper into the original story than I initially did and perhaps get an interview with the owner’s parents, who started the business.

Tools and Tip Sheet for Prezi

Tools and Tip Sheet for Prezi

Eduardo Serpa

Slides: https://docs.google.com/a/usc.edu/presentation/d/1VpnW0iCWiQ6OxJ-dkRdhtZ8VCSReAxAcJFRjsYhGvS8/edit?usp=sharing

1: Go to prezi.com

– Sign up for an account using either your email, Facebook or LinkedIn.

– Choose between the six different options given that best describe your situation.

2: Creating a new presentation.

– Click on ‘Create a new Prezi’

– Choose a template you like as a base, or start a blank press

3: Organizing your presentation

– The template makes the work easy for you. All you have to do is click where you’d like     to edit text/images.

– A large variety of text options let you customize your text how you see fit.

– You can change the shape and order of slides using the side menu.

4: Getting creative

– Use the ‘Insert’ option to add anything to your presentation, from shapes, to images, to   videos! Most types of media can be put into a presentation.

– You can edit your media before putting it into your presentation.

5: Make it your own

– The customize option lets you build upon your template to help make your presentation    unique.

– You can change background colors or choose you own picture as the backdrop.

– The ‘Advanced’ option lets you really set your presentation apart by adding in different    options for different slides.

6: Edit your path

– Prezi presentations are not like regular slideshows. They jump around depending on      what order you place them in. Be careful not to make them jump around too much, you   don’t want your viewers to get a headache!

7: Present your Prezi

– Click the ‘Present’ button.

– Press the spacebar to move between slides.

Final Remarks

– Don’t worry about saving, Prezi does it for you automatically!

– Prezi presentation can only be access online, unless you download them.

– Each presentation can be embedded and put into a site!

– You even have the option of sharing your Prezi through email or Facebook!