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The Bike Guy

My final project covers Adé Neff, the founder of Leimert Park bike co-op Ride On! He is making an impact on the community by providing a space where people can have their bikes repaired and even learn how to make repairs themselves.

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Josh Cohen Extra Credit: Searching Sebastian Vega

When you type “Sebastian Vega” into a search engine like Google, you will see results for an actor. So I refined my search to “Sebastian Vega USC.” I quickly discovered that this young man is on all the big social media sites and has a very professional social media presence.

His Twitter shows that he is a young broadcast journalist who studies at USC as a Gates-Millennium scholar. With pictures, retweets and so on, he makes it clear that he is from San Antonio. This information is confirmed on his Linkedin profile. His Linkedin also notes that he is actively involved in Hispanic organizations at USC.

After more searching and scrolling, we learn that he interned for NBC News in New York City this past summer. He has been involved in TV, print and radio journalism at USC.

He also has a website with his résumé, portfolio and other important notes for potential employers like his career highlights/moments of recognition thus far.

The final stop had to be Facebook. Even if you are not Facebook friends with him, you learn that he is an incredibly driven journalist. He even lists his favorite quotes, all of which are inspirational and professional.

In searching Sebastian, you not only find his hometown or what he looks like, but also you learn about his professionalism, experience and goals in the industry.

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