Final Proposal

  1. Muslim Women in the Media

For a final project would be looking at Muslim Women in the Media, building upon a story that I produced which follows two Muslim females students at USC. This project will look the effects of how the media covers Muslim people and especially women. For this story I would be building upon my interviews with Razzan Nawhali and Noorhan Maamoon and their experiences with the portrayal of Muslim women in the media, television and on social media sites and how these depictions and stereotypes effect their safety in the US and on campus. I will continue to build upon this story by speaking with USC Professor Rorlich, who teaches a class on Islam and Islam in Russia to aid in giving context to their stories. Through my interviews and meeting people, I have notices that there is a large population of African American Muslim practitioners in Leimert Park. It would be interesting to tie in Leimert Park by speaking with some of the Muslim women in the community and hear what they have to say on the current cultural climate surrounding Muslim women in the media. In my interviews I would be asking these women about their daily lives and hear their stories on how they feel the media has “defined” or effected them in school, the workplace and in their community. Some of these questions will include: why or why not these women have decided to wear their hijabs, some of the stereotypes and generalizations they have noticed or how it feels to be a Muslim woman in America today. The project will also be highly interactive and narrative driven with statistics on hate crimes on Muslim women during the last year specifically looking at how the media covers terrorist attacks and how the election has effected Muslim women.

2. Leimert Park Music

For my final project I would like to continue working on my beat which covers music and culture in Leimert Park. I have been exploring this semester. I would like my final project to be highly interactive using a variety of multimedia applications and containing a few videos that I create profiling various music centers and people I have met while in Leimert. I am very interested in the Leimert Park World Stage Performance center and the Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center. I will continue to expand upon the idea of keeping culture alive in Leimert Park through music and music education by interviewing music teachers, community members and musicians. This story will be interview driven, so I would like to have as many voices as possible.

3. African American Culture in Leimert Park


Caleigh Wells – Pablo Tip Sheet

What is Pablo?

Pablo, a computer/mobile app developed by Buffer, allows users the ability to customize images with captions and quickly and easily upload them to all social media platforms.

Pablo – Presentation Slides


Step 1: Getting Started

> Go to:

> Once on the site, you’ll be given the option to sign up with Buffer or you can just begin working on your “Canvas” automatically

> Click on the drop-down tool at the top of the page entitled, “Templates” that best suit your project

Templates Include: Blank, Quote, Announcement, Promotion, etc.

Step 2: Creating Your Canvas Photo Background

> On the left-hand side of your Canvas, you will be given the option to Search from a compilation of stock images or Upload your own photo

Tip: Choose a photo that best represents your desired quote/caption

> Once you have decided on a Canvas photo background, you may begin writing your caption or quote, by simply clicking on the text box on the page

Step 3: Formatting Text/Available Settings

> Adjust the font, font size, spacing and font color by simply highlighting your caption/quote and adjusting to desired style

> Choose from various Settings on the right-hand side of your Canvas

Sizes: this setting allows you to choose which size your photo is for the desired Social Media Platform you would like to Upload to (i.e.: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) ; Filters: Allow you to edit Canvas photo background for desired effect ; Text/Add Quotes: Allow you to choose how you want your text to appear on Canvas background ; LOGO: allows to upload graphics and company logos

Step 4: Uploading Your Final Canvas

> After editing/adjusting your caption/quote, simply click “Share or Download” on the bottom right-hand side of the screen

Uploading Options Include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Download: If you choose to Download your Canvas it will be saved as a .png